Adventure Bhutan On Discovery Channel

Just a quick programming note for what could be a very cool TV show. The Discovery Channel will air a special called Adventure Bhutan that promises to be quite interesting for anyone who is the Himalaya and that part of the World. The show will air this Sunday starting at 9 PM Eastern/ 8 PM Central time.

The tiny Kingdom of Bhutan has been diffucult for Westerners to gain access to in general, and some areas are completely shut off to Westerners altogether. But for the first time, cameras were allowed into the Mangde Chu River valley as Discovery Channel expeditions kayaks this remote and largely unexplored area.

The two hour program will be reaired later in the evening as well, and will likely feature some amazing scenery and wiil probably chronicle an incredible adventure for the paddlers. I’m guessing that they’ll encounter Class V+ rapids and crazy conditions. The only downfall is that I don’t see it listed on the Discovery HD channel, so I guess we’ll have to settle for our first glimpse of this amazing place in standard definition. Bummer. So set your Tivo’s and enjoy the show.

Kraig Becker

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  1. I ran into several people in Kathmandu in April who had just come from visiting Bhutan. They all said it was amazing and pretty much “unspoiled” as opposed to, say, the Thamel district of Kathmandu where I met them.

    No big shock there, but hearing their stories of how relaxing and beautiful it was really made me want to go back to Asia soon and check it out.


  2. Bhutan is pretty high on my list too. It looks pretty amazing, and very few people have gone there yet, which appeals to me even more.

    This show sounds excellent, and I can’t wait to see what theyve put together. My Tivo is already set.

  3. I’ll have to add this to the Tivo too, and it is in HD. I started watching the “1000 Places” show, but it came across has being a little too tourisity for me. This one might be good though.

  4. I am one of the few lucky ones to have been there. i was there last April with my girlfriend and we did a pretty cool trek, The Beautiful Laya Gasa Trek. It was amazing, but be prepared for some rough times, no luxuries there, mate. I checked the rates of the travel agent here in Sydney and wrote to a local agent in Bhutan, my advice is, write direct to the agents there in Bhutan, u can save a heap! I went through a boutique agent called Access Bhutan, I would recommend them, they are small but very attentive and flexible.

  5. Thanks for the tip! When I travel I prefer to use local guides and businesses as much as possible, and would do so again in Bhutan I imagine.

    It’s nice to know that your money is going to fund a business in the country and not back in the States or the UK. It was important to me when I was picking my guides in Africa recently as well.

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  7. Do you know where I can find a copy of this show?

    I watched it and would love to show it to my Geography classes. I can’t find it anywhere online.


  8. I wish I did know where to get it. It was a great show, and you’re not the first to ask me that question. It doesn’t appear to have been released on DVD at all.

  9. Bhutan is just an absolutely fantastic place. I have additional advantage of being indian origin which make it far more easier to go there. No one can be left untouched of it's beauty once he/she visit bhutan.

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