Adventure Interviews Mike Libecki

athlete detail M Libecki 1
National Geographic Adventure has posted an excellent interview with rock climber Mike Libecki about a recent climb he made in South America where he not only had to face the challenges of the rock, but also nasty ticks, deadly scorpions, and leaping tarantulas.

Libecki is a well known and experienced rock climber who has put up routes all over the World, but this one sounds like it was pretty amazing for what went on off the rock as well. In total it took about two weeks to make the climb, as he and his partner Kyle Dempster, had to shuttle their gear in through dense jungle. But once they were assembled in camp, it took about five days to scale the 2000+ feet to the summit.

Libecki also discusses his love of climbing solo, his own “logistical checklist”, his thoughts on the one piece of gear he can’t do without, and the proverbial “what’s next” on his list of places to climb. In this case, the answer Papua New Guinea. Interesting stuff.

Kraig Becker

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