The Adventurist Interviews David Tait

Jason, over at The Adventurist has scored the first, and possibly only, interview with David Tait following his traverse of Everest.

David had originally intended to be the first man to complete a “double traverse”, first starting in the North, going up the mountain, reaching the summit, then going down to the South side. After a few days rest, the plan was to return to the North by reversing his path. After completing the first leg of his traverse however, David decided that once was enough, and he gave up on his plans for the double traverse.

In the interview, David discusses his climb, revealing details that he hadn’t discussed elsewhere yet, with some surprisingly challenging conditions on the descent to the South side. He also talks about climbing with a Discovery Channel camera team, his thoughts on abandoning his second traverse, and much more. It’s definitely a great read.

And in case you missed it, check out The Advenurists’ first interview with David that was conducted a few months beack before he left for Everest. The two together are quite insightful.

Good stuff Jason! Keep up the great work.

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “The Adventurist Interviews David Tait”

  1. Hey, Thanks for the kind words. David and Alan have definately kept me busy today…sometimes it just doesn’t pay to have friends..haha I am joking of course. All of this is great news coming in today. Thanks for spreading the word..


  2. It has indeed been an interesting day! 🙂 Alan’s annoucement is a good one, and it should be fun to follow his preparations and he is certainly climbing for a good cause.

    The interview was a good one. David is an interesting subject to be sure, and you asked some nice questions. Since he’s only heard of your site and ExWeb, pass my address along to him! 😉 Just kidding! 🙂

  3. Yeah, that comment surprised me as well. I was really debating leaving it off–just because of the slam on ExWeb–To be honest, I have been mentioned on ExWeb twice, I, as well, check them out almost daily. They may not have the same perspective on things, but in a way, that is what I like.

    They are good at doing what they do, which when it comes down to all any of us are trying to do..

    But, anyways, I decided to keep it in. Hopefully I won’t get any ExWeb backlash–I actually wasn’t expecting David to answer that one..but it was definately nice that he did..haha.

    By the way, I think we would make a good media team for Alan in 2008…lol

    Alan mentioned where he was climbing this season…I replied to him if Everest was in the works once again…I never heard. Then two days later…there it is. I like to think I had a small part in his Joking. I think Alan has wanted to do this again for awhile. Will be great for all of us.

  4. LOL! Alan probably had to bite his tongue so as to not say anything until he was ready. 🙂 That’s funny.

    I think leaving the ExWeb comment in is just fine. They do there thing, you do your own. You offer more depth and they sort of just report the facts. Besides, David isn’t alone in his feeling towards ExWeb, I’ve heard that sentiment before.

    I mentioned them often and send links to their site all the time, but to my knowledge I have never gotten a mention over there.

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