Annapurna Update: Some Go Up, Some Go Home!

annapurna1 has posted an update on Annapuran where teams having been moving up the last few days to get into a position to make their summit push.

Yesterday thre were ten climbers on the mountain, all working together to go for the top, but the spent much of the day climbing around a dangerous serac that hung over the route. When they got past that section and looked up, they saw that the path ahead was quite exposed and offered more dangerous climbing. At that point, six of the climber elected to call it a day and retreat down the mountain, discretion being the better part of valor. However, Andrew Lock, Ivan Vallejo, Serguey Bogomolov and Fernando Gonzalez Rubio have all decided that the rewards outweigh the risk, and they will cointinue up to the summit with the intent of topping out sometime tomorrow.

It should be noted that Annapurna is notorious for it’s dangerous climbing near the summit. The mountain is prone to avalanches and giant seracs collapsing. Lets all keep our fingers crossed for these four as they go up. Hopefully everyone will climb safe and make it back in one piece.

Kraig Becker

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