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As I mentioned earlier in the week, the Adventure Racing World Championship is getting underway tomorrow in Lochaber, Scottland. The teams have arrived and have gone through gear check and skills orientation, so now we’re waiting for the race to get underway.

The course hasn’t been revealed on the website at this time, but we do know that it’ll run through Western Scotland in some of the more remote regions of that country.

Sleep Monsters the official source of news and information on the race, and they have already created a race reports page. There are already several interesting articles and race reports up to prepare you for the race, including a few brief words from a number of the top teams.

This years race promises to be very interesting. I think the terrain will be very challenging and there seems to be the lack of a truly dominant team, whose shadow is cast over all the others.

Team Nike probably remains the team to be beat, but they definitely have some questions coming into this race. They also don’t have two or three races under their belt at this point of the season either, so in my opinion, it’s just about as wide open as it gets.

I’ll post updates, thoughts, and commentary as the news comes in, even over the long weekend.

Kraig Becker

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