AR World Championship Update!

We’re into Day 2 of the Adventure Racing World Championships and you can already seesome familiar names at the top of the leaderboard. With only 2 days in to a potentially 7 day race, it’s difficult to make too many projections, however, a number of the teams that you expected to be there are in striking distance of one another. is the official place to get information on the race as it is being run. They are posting race reports several times a day, with excellent informaiton on what is happening out on the course, and the News From H.Q. section is also quite informative in a “peek behind the scenes” kind of way. From there, head on over to the Leaderboard for updates on where the teams stand and the Interactive Maps are a blast, but you’ll need Google Earth to take advantage of them. Finally, click on the “adventure tracker” option to see real time updates on where the teams are at on the course. (Sorry, can’t link directly to that page)

At the moment Wilsa Helly Hansen leads the race, with about a half-hour lead out of Transition 2. Second place is currently held by, who are nearly an hour up on third place team Nike. Bjurfors Adventure Racing and Team Balance Vector round out the top five.

Wilsa Helly Hansen is a good team, and could make a run for a podium finish, if not first place overall, but it’s early in the race and Nike along with Blance Vector are lurking in the top five. Nike was late in coming off the water, but they aren’t known as strong paddlers to begin with. They are however, fast on their feet, and tough on the mountain bikes. So far, Team Captain Mike Kloser is keeping the team competitive, and there is indeed a lot of experience on the team, but this is their first big race since Ian Adamson retired, so it’s still something to keep your eye on.

Still plenty of racing to go this week though. It should be a fun race to follow right up until the end.

Kraig Becker

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