Bear Grylls Sets New Paragliding Altitude Record

The Telegraph has the lowdown on a new paragliding record set yesterday by Bear Grylls, as he soared over Mount Everest in a gas powered paraglider.

Grylls, who is also an Everest Summiter, took off from 11,600 feet from his base camp in Eastern Nepal. The flight lasted four hours, and he manged to climb to a height of 29,500 feet before turning back and returning to Earth in his paraglider that was powered by a small, four stroke, gas engine.

Gryllis smashed the old record for paragliding altitude by more than 10,000 feet. However, he vows that his days as a daredevil are over, saying this was the scariest thing that he has ever done, and that he just wanted to return to his wife and children. His record still needs to be verified by an independent source, but he feels confident that will stand. Besides, it’s not like he beat the old record by a few feet or anything.

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7 thoughts on “Bear Grylls Sets New Paragliding Altitude Record”

  1. As crazy as this stunt sounds, at least it was a real achievement. Didn’t he once have dinner for one while hanging from a hot air balloon or something?

  2. Here’s the quote from his “Man vs. Wild” bio on Discovery: “In June 2005, Grylls broke a world record by hosting a dinner party at a table suspended below a hot air balloon at 24,500 feet. He rappelled from the balloon’s basket to the table, where in full naval uniform he ate a three-course meal, before saluting the Queen and skydiving to earth. The goal was to celebrate the work of the charities The Prince’s Trust and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.”

  3. LOL! Ok, that is pretty funny. And…odd.

    I see your point. He is a bit of a self promoter that’s for sure.

  4. Doubt the validity of this claim as HYPOXIA would set in at about
    16/17000 feet ASL . This means that for him to achieve this he would have to have an oxygen supply. He said it took three to
    four hours ,so he would need a lot of oxygen.
    I Like the program but I think he,s
    telling lies about this. the probability for him to black out would be very high.

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