The Best of America’s National Parks

hidden canyon big bend view
Just in time for the impending holiday weekend here in the States, National Geographic Adventure Magazine has posted it’s Best of the National Parks article on their website. In it, you’ll find 50 suggestions for adventure in national parks across the country.

They’ve broken down their suggestions into categories such asBest Hikes, with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park getting a nice nod here, and Best Paddling, where it’s hard to beat Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. For the Best Wildlife they recommend Yellowstone, but Katmai would be interesting as well. Under Best Treks the Teton Crest Trail in Grand Teton National Park gets the nod, but Outer Mountain Loop in Big Bend here in Texas is also mentioned. If you would prefer to not get out of your car then the Best Drives start with Acadia National Park, while the Best Climbing can be found in Olympic National Park in Washington. (What? Not even a mention of Yosemite here?) Finally, the Best Lodges can be found in Yosemite and Yellowstone, amongst others.

So with the official start of the Summer travel season upon us this weekend, you’ll find plenty of great suggestions for things to do in the coming months. Of course, these same parks will be much more crowded during those periods as well, but still, this is a great list of places to go, things to do, and adventures to seek.

Kraig Becker

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