Børge Ousland and Thomas Ulrich Up To Old Tricks!

Polar Explorers Børge Ousland and Thomas Ulrich are up to their old tricks, launching a very ambitious expedition today. According to ThePoles.com the boys have teamed up once more for another epic journey that won’t end at the North Pole, but will just begin.

Both men were guding teams to the North Pole at late as last week, but now they’ve been dropped at the Pole together to set off on their own. This time, they’ll be traveling by skiis across the frozen Arctic Ocean to Franz-Josef Land, in Siberia. A trip of more than 900km. From there, they’ll drop the skiis and move into kayaks as they travel another 350km to Cape Flora.

The journey won’t end there however, as they’ll board a sailing ship that will take them back to Norway, but not to warm beds and lovely nordic women. Instead, Ousland and Ulrich will be dropped off at the North Cape, and they’ll trek back to Oslo on foot.

When it’s all said and done, the pair expect the journey to take about three and a half months, and they’ll carry all of their supplies with them, as they’ll be doing this one unsupported. This should be another amazing expedition to follow. Travel safe guys!

Kraig Becker

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