Everest Season Winding Down

It looks like the Spring Season is finishing up on Everest as reports are that there are high winds at the summit and a storm is moving into the area tomorrow. With June rapidly approaching, and the monsoon season with, the weather window looks to be slamming shut.

There were a number of last minute summits overnight though with The Caudwell Xtreme Everest Team topping out. The team of doctors were on the mountain to do high altitude research for AMS, and managed to put 8 climbers on top over the past two days. Well done doctors! The Mountain Madness Team also managed to put a couple of climbers on top today while the London School of Business had Rob Casserley and Kenton Cool manage the coveted double summit in less than a week.

More sad news as MountEverest.net is reporting that an Italian Climber named Pierangelo Maurizio is missing on the North Side. He appears to have gone for the summit, while the rest of his team went down when one of them became ill, but there is no indication that he ever returnted to high camp and he has not been seen since May 17th. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he made it back down, and has just gotten lost in the shuffle, but honestly, these stories don’t tend to end well. My thoughts are with his friends, family, and climbing team.

Alan Arnette has written a very nice Everest 2007 Overview that looks back on the major events that occurred this season and the summits of note. It’s an excellent way to get up to speed if you haven’t been following the past few months. Also, drop by The Adventurist for the lastest news and updates as well.

There are still a few climbers looking to top out, and at this point we’ll all be watching to make sure the beat the weather. Keep your fingers crossed that everyone gets down in one piece now.

Kraig Becker

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