Fast And Light On Denali!

podcast 052207 doing denali light main the propoents for going “fast and light” while in the backcountry have launched a cool new series which will follow Matt Hage and Agnes Stowe as they attempt to climb Denali while carrying little more than 30 pounds of gear.

The two are scheduled to go to the mountain in June, when the climbing season there begins, and will attempt the West Buttress route, the most popular on the mountain. Typically, the packs loaded down with gear on Denali weigh in the 60 pound range, but obviously this being Backpacking Light, they’ll be traveling with much less gear that would probably be called minimalist at best.

There is a podcast interview with Matt on the page I linked to above. This will be his fifth Denali climb, and he has summited once before. For Agnes, this will be her first go at the highest mountain in North America. In the podcast, Matt talks about their gear, the food they are bringing along, and their thoughts on how they will approach the climb. They are expected to check in by Sat Phone several times throughout the climb.

This should be fun to watch. Good luck Matt and Agnes!

Kraig Becker

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