Finding Seclusion In The National Parks

Summer is here and we’re all headed outside to enjoy the weather. Some of us will even be heading out to one of the amazing national parks spread throughout the country. The only problem is, so will everyone one else! Thankfully Outside Online is on the case with some great suggestions for finding seclusion in our national parks.

Outside polled experts on each of the parks the focus on to get some ideas of where the “secret stashes” can be found. For instance, when it comes to Yosemite the suggestion is to look for entry points that are outside of the park itself, with nearby wilderness areas less visited and offering trails that lead into Yosemite for the backpacking crowd.

When it comes to Yellowstone, which is one of the busiest of all the parks, the suggestion is a three-day trip to the Shoshone Geyser Basin. Few make the journey and the geyer is in a remote area of the park, but is said to be very impressive.

You’ll find similar suggestions for Rocky Mountain National Park, Olympic, Acadia, Denali, Glacier, Joshua Tree, Big Bend, Great Smokey Mountain, and Zion.

Kraig Becker

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