Gear Junkie’s Mount Shasta Climb Report

The Gear Junkie took a little break to do some climbing on Mt. Shasta last week and he’s written up a nice trip report for the rest of us stuck in our offices.

It wasn’t all fun and games on Mt. Shasta however, as the weather dominated the weekend climb. Stephen reports that high winds made it rough going, with gusts knocking climbers off their feet and sustained winds of 100mph on the summit. There was even an avalanche not far from camp that damaged or destroyed tents and managed to put a scare into some people I’m sure.

It sounds like it was a challenging climb, and the weather was bad enough that no one managed to top out. GJ was reminded that weather is the dominant force on the mountain, and when ever we venture up there, we’re at it’s whim.

Kraig Becker

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