Hannah’s Next Adventure!

hannah nth pole
Antarctic Explorer and Adventure Blog Crush Object Hannah McKeand has announced her next big adventure In 2008, she intends to ski to the North Pole, setting off from Ward Hunt Island in Canada.

As per her Antarctic expedition, Hannah will be going solo and unsupported to the geographic North Pole, which has only been done on this route two other times by British explorer Pen Hadow and of course, Norwegian Borge Ousland. That will be some pretty impressive company to be in for sure, but at the rate she’s going, they’ll be happy to be in Hannah’s company as well.

The page notes that she is currently looking for companies and individuals intrested in sponsoring the expedition. You’ve got the full endoresment of The Adventure Blog Hannah! Which, along with that and $2 will get you a cup of coffee. 😉 Good luck on this next expedition. We’ll be following that adventure as well.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Hannah’s Next Adventure!”

  1. Thanks Adventure Junkie. All your support is much appreciated. I’m honored to feature on such a cool blog.
    Best wishes
    Hannah McKeand

  2. Thanks for dropping by Hannah! Good luck on your next venture, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your progress.

    *swoon* 😉

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