New Everest Video Podcast

Episode: 0 of a new Everest video podcast has hit the web. It’s the work of Phil Michael and Chris Stanko of fame. The episode is entitled “The Launch” and details the future plans of the show which will be quite ambitious to say the least.

The plan is to use the show to follow Phil and Chris’ climb of Everest, which is currently scheduled for the Spring 2008 season. They even hope to do live broadcasts from Kathmandu and have an exploratory expedition to basecamp on the North side scheduled for the near future.

The podcast comes in various flavors including a high quality H.264 version, as well as QuickTime and Windows Media versions as well. There is also a version pre-formatted for your iPod, PSP, or other handheld media device (Zune? Yeah, right! 😉 ) or if you just want to listen to the audio, there is an MP3 file of that as well.

This episode is a teaser of things to come and will certainly give you a taste of what to expect. It should be interesting to see how future episodes unfold as the team prepares for the climb.

Kraig Becker

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