Online Gear Classifieds

What’s the only thing better than getting new gear? Getting a great deal on new gear of course! That’s the philosophy behind a new site called iGearList which is positioning itself to host classified ads for all kinds of outdoor gear.

At the moment, there aren’t many things advertised, but you’ll see that gear is broken down into four broad categories labeled as “Apparel & etc.”, “Rock & Trail”, “Snow & Ice”, and “Water & Wind”. Each of these categories has a number of sub-categories to neatly fit all the gear we love.

So, if you’ve got a bunch of old gear in your closet (and who amongst us doesn’t?) and your significant other is telling you to clean it all out, then head on over and place a free classified ad. You’ll help the site begin to fill up their gear categories, you may find a new home for all that orphaned gear, and just maybe you’ll make a little cash for yourself. So you can buy more new gear! 😉

Kraig Becker

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