Primal Quest Returns In The Spring of 2008!

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Primal Quest the biggest, baddest adventure race around, is set to make a huge return in the Spring of 2008, and under new leadership no less. Don Mann, the Race Director of the 2006 PQ, takes over the position of Chief Executive Officer this time out, and promises to continue the legacy of the race. Don also lays out his hopes and expectations quite nicely in an open letter to AR fans over at

As of this time, the location of the race is still unknown, although rumors have circulated for months that PQ would leave the United States for the first time. We do know that registration will open on July 1st of this year, with slots filling up quite quickly. You can expect the top teams in the World to competing in Primal Quest, as it’s also known for having the richest purse in the sport as well.

This is great news for fans of adventure racing. We have a very good, spirited race going right now in Scotland, where many of the teams that will compete in PQ are racing this week. In an era where many of the races are going towards the shorter sprints and 24 hour races, it’s nice to know that we’ll get a few of the big epic races still as well. Perhaps we’ll even get someone other than Nike winning the event.

Kraig Becker

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