The Rest of Everest: Bonus Episode – LUNGevity Team Breathing Strong

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Earlier today the LUNGevity Team summited Everest, using O2 but without Sherpa support, and in tribute to them Jon, over at The Rest of Everest has released a Bonus Podcast with a brief Q & A with the team.

Jon met up with the guys while in base camp while he was in Tibet at the beginning of April. He talks with both Brian Oestrike and Justin Hewitt about what lay ahead for them on the climb and what their expectations were for going up above 8000m for the first time.

The latest new from their blog says that the guys are back in C2, exhausted, but happy and in good spirits. Brian and Justin were climbing to raise money and awareness for lung cancer, a noble cause for sure. Congratulations on a job well done guys!

If you’re looking for a regular episode of The Rest of Everest, be patient. Jon promises us a new one tomorrow. But the news of LUNGevity topping out was too big not to share.

Kraig Becker

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