The Rest of Everest: Episode 44

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While teams move up Everest towards the summit, you can get a peak at what life has been like for them the past few days and weeks as they waited for their turn. Check out The Rest of Everest for just such an inside look. This week’s epsidode is Episode 44: Predicting The Future.

In this week’s episode you’ll actually see the teams, still in Base Camp, reading the latest weather reports and waiting for that coveted weather window to open up. You can see the concentraion and worry on the faces of team leaders as they discuss strategy on when it would be safe to let their climbers go up. Watching this footage, you can get a sense that these same kinds of discussions were taking place not very many days ago on the mountain itself, as all the teams that have reached the top in the last day or two, or are still moving up now, waited for their window to open.

This is another episode that takes place in ABC and you can tell that the time spent there is starting to wear on the teams. They’ve gone through all the work to acclimatize, the camps up the mountain are established, and now they are ready to go, but the weather just hasn’t cooperated yet. Soon though, that window will open, and it will be time to climb.

It’s also interesting to hear Jon mention that the footage that we’re watching today was shot on May 16th in 2003, and is being released today, May 16th 2007. It really is a great look into what is happen right now on Everest. Great work as always Jon, and thanks for the plug at the beginning of the episode. Always appreciated!

Kraig Becker

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