The Rest of Everest – Episode 45

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As promised Episode 45 of The Rest of Everest was released today. The episode, entitled The Russian Concert, was a day later than normal because of yesterday’s bonus podcast, which celebrated the summit of the LUNGevity Team on Everest.

Episode 45 has a joining the Russian Camp as they have an evening of singing and guitar playing as the St. Petersberg team was saying goodbye to one of their team members who was forced to return to Kathmandu due to pneumonia. The Russians sing folk songs and celebrate their friend, but you can also get a sense of sadness that she is leaving. It’s a fun episode as you get a sense of what an evening in Base Camp is all about and you can’t help but wonder who carried the guitar up to BC.

The episode ends with some very cool night footage of the sky over Everest that is definitely worth the download for alone. Things will be ramping up with climb again soon as well, so those of you waiting for the climbing to get underway will be rewarded soon. The Rest of Everest is about the whole Everest experience however, and every episode shows us things that we’ve never seen before in a documentary. It really does make you feel like you’re seeing a whole expedition.

Kraig Becker

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