The Rest of Everest: Episode 46

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Episode 46 of The Rest of Everest is now available for your viewing pleasure. The title of this episode is “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back” and for those who have been waiting for the climb to resume, this is the episode for you.

The episode is marked with some amazing shots of the North Col, both in video and still images. There are also some nice shots of climbers moving up the mountain, in full gea, including a shot of a climber attempting to secure his oxygen mask over his face. While watching the man struggle with the mask, the one word that came to my mind was “awkward”.

One of the more intresting scenes shows Rest of Everest producer Jon Miller chatting via radio with climber Ben Clark, who had moved up the mountain at this point to make his summit attempt. That first attempt was turned back due to high winds, so at this point in the show, Ben is back at ABC and waiting another weather window. The team had some issues with the radios working, so this was the first chance the two men had a chance to talk for some time, and you can see, as well as hear, the genuine frienship between them, and the concern they have for each other.

It looks like the next episodes will move us back into climbing mode once more. This episode took place around the 20th of May back in 2003, so the weather windows are opening up, and the teams will be moving up. I’m sure you won’t want to miss the great climbing footage to come. As always, you can subscrib to the podcast throut iTunes and have it delivered straight to your computer, or download them directly from the episodes page at

Kraig Becker

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