Urubko Summits Dhaulagiri, Abandons Speed Attempt

MountEverest.net is reporting that Denis Urubko has summitted Dhaulagiri but gave up on his attempt at the speed record in order to assist another climber down the mountain.

Denis set off from BC on Monday Night at 10 PM to try to set a new speed record, but on his way up the mountain, he ran into Boris Korshunov, a 72 year-old climber, who was struggling to climb, and was caught below C3 when night fell. Alone and without a tent, Boris was in touble, and Denis decided he had to help him. So, he gave up his summit bid long enough to help the older climber down to 7100m where he could continue on his own.

After that, Denis turned back up the mountain, where he reached the summit yesterday. He didn’t get the speed record he was looking for, but he did get something that you can’t every quantify, the respect of his peers on the climbing community. Denis has established a track record for helping other climbers in trouble, even at the expense of his own climbing goals, and following the David Sharp incident last year, you can’t help but salute him for his efforts.

Kraig Becker

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