10 Unsinkable Gadgets From PC Magazine

Like me, a lot of you enjoy paddling. And again, like me, a lot of you like gear. Sometimes combinging the two can be a tricky prospect, as one bad move in your kayak, and you can be fishing all of that great gear out of the water. Well, PC Magazine of all places, has a few suggestions for great gear that will compliment your trips out onto the water.

On their list of list of 10 Unsinkable Gadgets are such cool items as the Aquapac waterproof headphones, the awseome Otterbox (Don’t leave home without one!), and The Atlantis Ego a water proof iPod case.

Not all the gear is great for heading out to in your kayak though. Some of it is just for lounging around your pool, but fun stuff none the less.

Thanks Geared-Up Blog!

Kraig Becker

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