Altitude Everest Update! has posted an update on the Altitude Everest Team. The five climbers, including team leader Conrad Anker, along with 18 Sherpas, have moved up to Camp 3 at 7900m, where they’ll begin using supplemental oxygen, which they’ll continue to use all the way up to the summit.

The weather continues to be good, with reports saying that it’s warm on the mountain, and that the winds are quite calm. The plan at the moment is for them to summit on Thursday as long as everything goes as scheduled.

The team will have to contend with bitter cold at the high altitudes, which may not be easy with their vintage gear. Remember, they’re climbing with replica equipment from 1924. Should that equipment prove good enough to see them up the mountain, they’ll also have to free climb the Second Step, as they’ll remove the ladder there to more accurately portray the climbing conditions that George Mallory and Sandy Irvine encountered.

It should certainly be fun and interesting to watch the climb develop over the next few days. I really can’t wait to hear if the team tops out and what their thoughts on the gear and Mallory’s chances of success were.

Kraig Becker

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