Big Foot On Vacation In India!

Here’s a curious article brought to us by Outside Online. It seems that the country of India has opened an official government investigation into sightings of large, hairy, ape-like creatures, much like the fabled “big foot” in North America. The creatures are known as Mande burung, or “Jungle Man”, and they have been spotted in the remote jungles of Northeastern India near the Bangladesh and Bhutan borders.

One villager in the region claims to have seen a whole family of the creatures, seeing two large adults, and two smaller children, which of course is the usual make-up of the Sasquatch Nuclear Family. The fact that the Indian government has decided to open a formal investigation into who or what these creatures are, is quite surprising. Generally these kinds of stories are met with disdain, or are ignored completely.

Note: The image included with this post is from the film Harry and the Hendersons. That is not an actual picture of a Mande burung, or his family. 😉

Kraig Becker

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