Canadian Completes All-Free Rope Solo of El Cap!

El Capitan Yosemite Walker
According to Canadian Stéphane Perron has completed an all-free rope solo ascent of El Capitan along Free Rider

The climb capped a string of impressive climbs in Yosemite for Perron that included climbs of The Crucifix on Higher Cathedral Rock, which he completed in nine hours without any falls, as well as Astroman which took him eight hours to complete. Both of those climbs were also rope-solo, and are rated as 5.11c or higher.

From there, he moved over to Free Rider which took six days to complete. The 37 pitch, 5.12d climb, falling on only three of those pitches. The 33 year old climber, who also happens to be a college physics professor on his sabbatical, says he enjoys the challenges of going solo, which he picked up because of the difficulty he had in finding a partner.

Impressive set of climbs in a short period of time. Awesome work! Now get back to your physics research before they find out what you’ve really been doing on your sabatical! 😉

Kraig Becker

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