A Couple of Cool Links

I have a couple of cool links to share with you that I thought might be of interest.

First up, check out OnAJunket.com which looks like it could be a promising site to share travel adventures all over the World. The site has a page for stories and another one for photos, and each of those pages is broken down by regions of the World. There isn’t a ton of content on the site yet, but there are some interesting stories and some very cool photos to be seen already. If the site picks up traffic and contributors, it could be very cool.

The other site of interest is Video Jug which is positioning itself to be one of the competitors for YouTube. If you’ve visited YouTube, and who hasn’t, you’ll know what to expect. However, they have some very nice beginning camping videos with a lot of great advice and info for someone just getting started in the activity. A number of the videos are really well done, and are a great resource for learning basic skills. There are videos on such topics as What food to take into the wild and How to use a camping gas stove, as well as plenty more.

Both sides have a lot to explore already and have some great potential. Definitely worth a look

Kraig Becker

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