Crazy Kayaker Still Paddling!

Backcountry Blog has posted a second update from the Crazy Kayaker a.k.a. Jacob van der Merwe, who set off in May to paddle the length of the Mississippi River.

At the time of this current update, Jacob is 792 miles into his journey and is now South of St. Louis. He notes that the current has no become a factor he has to deal with, but it has also helped him to pick up speed, raising his average distance traveled from 30 miles a day up to 40. It’s also a month since he started and Summer is now just around the corner, so the heat has begun to play a factor as well, forcing him to start a bit earlier in the morning and not go as late in the afternoon.

Jacob is also 53 miles North of Mile 0 on the Mississippi, which marks the spot where the Upper and Lower Mississippi begin and end respectively. The Lower Mississippi is approximately 850 miles in length and will end when CK reaches New Orleans. He still has plenty of paddling to go, but is making great progress I must say. You can follow his progress in his personal blog including todays entry which discusses his passing through my home town of Dubuque, IA.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Great paddling adventure fun!

    (Just decided to refresh those pictures on my post of your Blog too.)

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