ExWeb Looks At The Lhotse South Face

Last week a Korean climber named Um Hong-Gil summitted Lhotse Shar by way of the South Face. He, and his teammates had to overcome a 3000 foot sheer rock face in order to reach the summit, and for Um, it was his fourth attempt on the wall that had cost the lives of two of his friends on a previous climb, and had been an obsession of the past five years.

ExWeb has posted an excellent article about Lhotse, and taking a look at some of the climbers who have tried to summit along it’s South Face, most of who have failed, including the likes of Reinhold Messner and Ricardo Cassin.

The Face is seen as one of the toughtest climbs above 8000m anywhere in the World. I can’t imagine challenging a big wall like that when you’re up that high. That would be a challenge to climbers at any altitude, let alone up where the oxygen is so thin, the wind is nasty, and everything is frozen. It’s a pretty impressive climb to say the least.

Kraig Becker

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