Hiking The West Coast of Ireland

GreatOutdoors.com has posted a nice article on hiking Ireland’s West Coast, an area that has a little something for everyone from easy loop trails to challenging mountain trails through Connemara National Park.

The article offers some nice suggestions on good hikes in the area, such as climbing Croagh Patrick, the mountain where St. Patrick spent 40 days and 40 nights in solitude. Or hiking the Cliffs of Moher, a coastal hike marked with thousand foot cliffs and amazing views.

The author, Peter Potterfield, took a small group of five travelers and set off to explore the hiking possibilities on the Emerald Isle, and from what I can tell, he found some very nice options. Their hikes took them through quaint little villages, along farmers fields, and through hill country. All along, meeting the wonderful citizens of Ireland that give the country it’s charm.

Great Outdoors always has some fun and interesting articles like this one, but they don’t update often enough for my taste. They always offer some good insights into a location and inspire me to seek out new travel destinations and experiences, but they only post one article every few weeks. I’d love to see more content over there.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Hiking The West Coast of Ireland”

  1. hi Kraig
    I am spent a little time around these areas of Ireland and they are indeed beautiful. Cliffs of Moher are amazing but like a lot of great places can be overcrowded. The whole west of Ireland is beautiful and does have some great walking routes.

  2. Hey Colm!

    This article makes it sound like it’s quite nice. Now I have a place to crash and a tour guide when I come to Ireland. 😉

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