In The Market For A New Bike?

>Does the thought of peddling your old, run down, beat-up, Huffy make you want to scream? Well, never fear as there are plenty of suggestions on what to replace it with on the web today.

For instance, Outside Online has the low down on four new mountain bikes that are sure to get your heart racing. There is a little something for everyone on the list as well. From the drool worthy Jamis Dakar XAM 1.0, to the affordable Trek Fuel 6. The Intense Cycles Speedster looks amazing but will set you back a few clams, while the Cannondale Caffeine 29 has everything you need to get off road.

Mountain Bikes aren’t your thing? You’d rather stick to pavement? Well then, check out The Gear Junkie’s thoughts on the Kona Paddy Wagon. This single-speed masterpiece looks like just the thing for crusing around town, racing your friends, and just enjoying the wind in your face. Just don’t expect to down shift when you hit a long hill.

Finally, if money is no object then Cannondale has the bike for you. It’s a replica of Danilo Di Luca’s bike that he just won the Giro d’Italia with. The Goat Blog say that there will only be 21 of these bikes made. One for each stage of the Giro. So be sure to by a really really good padlock for this thing when you park it outside the library.

Kraig Becker

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