Insights Into ARWC 2007

All wee long I’ve been following the Adventure Racing World Championship taking place in Scotland. I’ve offered links to new and information, as well as a constantly updating leaderboard. I’ve even offered some thoughts on the race and the teams that were the legitimate contenders to win the whole thing. But when you want true insight into the race, you have to go to an expert like Lisa de Speville who has covered, and participated in, adventure races all over the World, and she has written some excellent race analysis on her blog.

Lisa breaks down the race day by day, starting with the Prologue last Saturday and running through today’s events. Her experience in the sport helps her to break down the event and offer some really great information. Lisa is also familiar with most of these teams and knows how they perform, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and objectively reports on a race. If you want to learn more about the sport of adventure race, you could do worse than reading Lisa’s race reports, or checking out her website which is focused on AR and other endurance sports in South Africa, but offers a lot of advice and information for beginners to the sport.

As I write this , Nike is trekking up Ben Nevis, the tallet mountain in the U.K., and the last real obstacle to their victory. It looks like Wilsa Helly Hansen will hold on for second place, while third place is still up for grabs. Sometime tomorrow we’ll have our podium.

Kraig Becker

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