K2: Summit Bids In Waist Deep Snow!

Another K2 Update today from K2Climb.net. A few days ago I mentioned that the Shared Summits Team was sent back down the mountain from C2 when bad weather put a halt to their summit bid. Now it seems that not all the teams decided to retreat to the safety of Base Camp to wait out the storm.

Chris Warner, the leader of the Shared Summits crew, says that their descent from Camp 2 went mostly without incident, although a thick avalanche did roll past just right of the route. Chris also reports that a team of three Koreans and three Sherpa guides were heading up the mountain, in snow that is described as waist to chest deep, in an attempt to reach Camp 4. The Koreans were hoping to make a summit bid today before more bad weather moves in by the weekend.

While the Koreans and the Shared Summits Teams work on the classic Abruzzi Spur, the French and Czech teams on the Cesen route are making progress of their own. The French have set up tents at C2 while the Czechs have already proceeded up to C3.

One thing is for sure, there are no shortage of teams on K2 this season. Lets just hope everyone comes home in one piece and climbs safely, starting with the team already going for the summit. K2 is one of the last places Iā€™d want to be with foul weather looming.

Kraig Becker

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