Karakorum Update

gasherbrum 1
K2Climb.net has posted a Karakorum Update with news on what’s happening on all the big peaks in the region. In short, there isn’t much going on now, or in the next few days either, thanks to the weather.

On K2, the Shared Summits Team is back in BC, while the Korean team that was making it’s summit bid yesterday has given up the attempt after finding an abundance of snow on the upper portions of the mountain. The teams will wait out the coming storm in BC for a weather window to open next week.

On Broad Peak, the news is that Amical reached the summit last Sunday. Meanwhile, most of the teams are gathering in BC and are making their preparations to break trail further up the mountain. Several teams, including Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner were planning on making summit pushes over the weekend, but have postponed them due to incoming weather.

Finally, over on the Gasherbrums, camps are still being established and the word is that the conditions are amongst the worst ever seen by the Australian Field Touring Alpine Team, who has spent much of their time fixing the ice fall and preparing to move up to C2. Other teams are still arriving on the mountain, including Mario Merelli, who will be going for Hidden Peak on GI.

Looks like it’s going to be a quiet week for now. But once the weather passes, I think we can expect plenty of action.

Kraig Becker

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