Mainstream Media Covers Everest, Get’s It Right!

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ABC News has published a nice article on the Everest Season that has just passed (for the most part!), and does a pretty good job of accurately discussing the issues at hand on the mountain, including the over crowding, the dangerous conditions, and death on the mountain, with the obligatory mentioning of David Sharp.

Over all, the writer of this article, Wendy Brundige, is fairly even handed in her story, touching on a wide range of topics including the diversity of summitters this season, the discrepancy between a budget and high end climb, and more. She even contacted, and quotes climber and guide Jake Norton, who I’m sure had no small part in keeping the article accurate and focused.

It’s nice to see an article like this one from time to time when the mainstream press is more likely to gravitate toward the more tabloid stories of climbers dying and being left behind by their teams. Climbing Everest is still enough of an impressive accomplishment that we don’t always need to go to the sensationalist stories. It’s nice to see that not everyone has forgotten that.

Kraig Becker

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