More Summits On Everest! has gotten word from the mountain and both the DCXP Team and the Project Himalaya Team are safe back in C2 after both teams summitted earlier today. They report conditionson the summit have gotten very windy, thus likely closing the weather window for now.

On DCXP, Robert Jackson, David Chiew and Mark Sheen, along with sirdar Namgia (Namgyal) Sherpa, Densa Bhote, Karmi Rita Sherpa and Pasang Tarki Sherpa all topped out. While Jamie McGuinness, Kirsti Samson and Kevin Cherilla made it to the top for Project Himalaya. The fourth member of their team, Gavin Attwood, turned back and waited for his friends at C3 before safely proceeding down with them.

Congratulations to both teams! Great work all around and good to see you back down in one piece. It shows tremendous patience to wait this long into the season to nab your summit. Well done!

Kraig Becker

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