New Expedition Length Adventure Race Series Coming?

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The world of Adventure Racing is already a buzz, both good and bad, over the return of Primal Quest next year. In fact, registration opens this weekend. But today, there is a rumor floating about that there is a new series of expedition length races in the works.

This rumor comes by way of the Yak Blog over at Yak is well connected in the AR community and is often in the know on events like these before official announcements. He says that this new series of races, which would be international in their scope, and would not be affiliated with the ARWC, the Raid, or any other existing adventure race.

Yak goes on further to say that the series would currently consist of four, week-long races, in various locations all over the globe. He also says that the prize money is “as big as anything out there” and that there is an Ecc-Challenge type TV deal in the works as well. The plans are also advanced enough that the organizers behind it have already struck deals with foreign governments, acquired sponsors, and TV deals.

Yak does provide the caveat that the deal is not official yet, but that it is very close. He claims we could hear an announcement in a matter of a days as well.

This is exciting news for fans of adventure racing. The sport is as healthy as it’s ever been, but many of the big name races have gone away, changed formats, or have evolved in new ways. As a fan of the sport, I love to see the big, epic races. and this sounds like just the kind of thing I would love to see happen. Hopefully we’ll hear more on this soon. I think we might be in for something special.

Kraig Becker

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