Denali: Step 1 On The Road Back To Everest

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Our friend Alan Arnette begins his Road Back To Everest this weekend as he departs for Denali. You’ll be able to read all of his dispatches from the mountain on his Denali 2007 page.

Alan will be sending back regular dispatches from Denali, and his other pre-Everest climbs, through the use of a digital camera, PDA and satellite phone, and if you head over to his site, you can enter your e-mail to receive notification of when a new dispatch has been posted.

We’ve enjoyed Alan’s excellent coverage of the 2007 Everest season, but now I’m wishing him well as he sets off on a journey of his own. Alan is climbing for a cause, and hopes to raise $100,000 to search for a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. Specifically, he’ll be raising money for the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, which is a great cause, and something we should all support him in.

So, Alan, as you prepare to head out for this climb. I will wish you luck, tell you to climb safe, and that we’ll all be following your adventures on Denali, and on the road ahead. Come down in one piece, and remeber that this mountain is just the first step in a much larger journey. Take care!

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Denali: Step 1 On The Road Back To Everest”

  1. Thanks Kraig,

    I just finished my last minute packing and I feel like I left something out! Oh well, it is always the same.

    Hopefully, I’ll send a audio dispatch from the top!

    Climb On!


  2. We’ll look forward to that audio dispatch. Climb high and climb safe! Remember, this is on the first step!

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