Pole-less Tent

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Check out this cool new tent from Nemo. It’s called the Morpho AR and it stands out from the pack of other tents because it requires no poles. That’s right no aluminum poles! Instead, it uses what they call inflatable “air beams” to hold the tent’s shape. Morpho claims that these air beams are twice as strong as aluminum poles and can stand up to all kinds of weather, including high winds, rain, and early seasons snows, which would put it into the three season category.

The whole tent weighs in at 4.8 pounds minimum and 5.7 pounds pack weight, a bit on the heavy side when compared to other tents in this size class. In fact, I’ve seen a number of tents that are two pounds or more lighter than this. it’s also a bit pricey, running $395 msrp. Still, you have to admit it’s an interesting design and concept. Set up time is only 45 seconds using the included foot pump, so it’s obviously fast and easy to put together, as you can see from this video that I found over at Core77.com

Kraig Becker

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