The Rest of Everest: Episode 49

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A new episode of The Rest of Everest has been posted today and for everyone who has been part of the expedition through these video podcasts, it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for. The summit bid is in full swing with the climbers moving up to Camp 4.

This episode is entitled Episode 49: May 21st, Camp 4 and unlike previous episodes, we jump straight into the climbing with the team already in full gear and proceeding to High Camp. John is joined by both Ben Clark and Lhawang Dhondup in narrating this episode and offering some great insights and sometimes humorous stories, such as a teammate actually tossing his goggles off the mountain in frustration.

Meanwhile, the footage this is shown from base camp demonstrates how frustrating it is for the support staff as they wait for news from above. The radios don’t always work and you can see the tension and concern as teammates sit around waiting for contact with their climbers.

As always, the show is very well done, but now that we’re back into the climbing, we get some very nice shots from high up on the mountain that will have you pausing the video to look around. The shots up the mountain will intimidate with how steep the climb can be, while the views back down will take your breath away with the amazing beauty. Great stuff.

Next week, it’s time to go for the summit. It’s fitting that that push begins on Episode 50. You won’t want to miss that one for sure.

Kraig Becker

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