The Rest of Everest: Episode 50!

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It’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for! The Rest of Everest has achieved a very cool milestone in reaching it’s 50th episode which also just happens to coincide with the final day of the climb.

This episode is entitled “Episode 050 May 22nd, Summit Day” which pretty much says it all. Rest of Everest producer Jon Miller is once again joined by climbers Ben Clark and Lhawang Dhondup, both of whom reached the summit on this expedition and have some great things to say about the climb.

The day the team went up, the weather was less than stellar, and the early video footage in this episode shows. We’re also treated to a series of shots of Ben and Lhawang on the summit, looking tired but happy as they hold up various signs and flags. Following that, we return to video footage at Base Camp, where Jon reaches his friends for the first time in days, and learns that they had topped out. We are also treated to some more incredible video and photos from the climb while Jon, Ben, and Lhawang talk about how Everest effected them personally and how they felt when the summit was achieved.

Jon opens the episode with a few brief message that may be of interest to fans of the show. First off, he’d like all of us to head over to The Podcast Awards page and nominate The Rest of Everest for a Podcast Award, in the “travel” category”. The nominations don’t open until July 1st, which is this weekend, but clearly this show deserves to not only be nominated, but win an award as well. Jon has produced fifty amazing episodes, maintaining a high level of quality along the way, and telling a great story for all of us who follow the show. You can bet I’ll be taking the time to fill out a nomination.

Jon also takes the time to plug Alan Arnette’s Denali Climb, which I’ve noted a few times as well. Alan is currently taking his first steps on The Road Back To Everest and is climbing for a cause, in this case raising money for the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. The latest news on Alan is that he’s stuck at 14,200 feet, and waiting for a weather window to open.

The final piece of big news this week is that The Rest of Everest, for the first time, has a sponsor! That sponsor is, a great site with some good deals on all kinds of gear for a wide variety of activities, including climbing, mountain biking, hiking, camping, and more. This week Rest of Everest viewers can get 10% off their order by entering the coupon code of “everest” when checking out. Sounds like a good deal to me!

Finally, although we’ve reached the 50th episode, and along with it the Summit of Everest, Jon promises us that there is plenty more to come. For instance, the climbers still have to get down from the mountain, and I’m sure they’ll have even more interesting things to say about their climb when they do. So fans of the show sit tight, we’re not done with this 2003 expedition just yet.

Kraig Becker

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