Terri’s Big Denali Adventure!

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Endurance athlete, writer, climber, and all around cool person Terri Schneider has posted some interesting articles in her personal blog about her recent trip to Alaska to climb Denali.

The first post was made a couple weeks back, and is entitled Denali: The Gift That Keeps On Giving. Terri had intended to blog her entire climb each day as she went, but unfortunately, cell coverage on the mountain, or more specifically, a lack there of, prevented her from achieving that goal. Instead, upon her return, she wrote up this one massive blog posting that details the climb on a day by day basis. She begins with Day 1 and arriving in base camp, takes you through all the stages of the climb, and 17 days later she makes her summit bid. Along the way, there is snow, treacherous climbing, snow, exhaustion, cold weather, and of course snow. It’s an excellent read with a some great insights as to what goes on a climb like this one.

A week after she posted the above message, she followed up with this one which looks back on her climb, and the lessons she learned on the highest peak in North America. It’s a another very good read, as Terri is an incredible athlete, but faced some things she’s rarely had to deal with while on Denali. Her Post-Climb thoughts are insightful and very well written, with a good message about trusting your own instincts and what your body is telling you when you’re at high altitude and conditions don’t feel write.

These are two excellent blog entries Terri. Thanks for sharing! And it’s great to see you writing your blog again. 🙂

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Terri’s Big Denali Adventure!”

  1. Thanks Terri!

    Looks like you had quite an experience on Denali. It’s always interesting to look back on those experiences afterward and get some perspective. Some times you want to double guess yourself, but your instincts in the moment are generally accurate.

    I always enjoy your blog postings. Hope to see more of them. Not of to the Gobi this year? 😉

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