Ballengee Joins PQ Management Team

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Three time Primal Quest Champion Danelle Ballengee has joined the Primal Quest Race Management Team according to this article in the Summit Daily News. She’ll assist in several areas, but mainly focus on refining the course for next year’s event, making it “challenging yet also realistic.” She brings years of experience in the sport and is one of the top adventure racing athletes in the World.

Danelle is still recovering from her horrific ordeal from last Fall when she fell more than 60 feet off an icy ledge while training near Moab, Utah. She broker her pelvis and was stranded for nearly two days until her dog managed to bring help. Since then she’s under gone several surgeries, and has been rehabbing nicely, even winning a race back in May. However, when asked why she isn’t competing in PQ next year, she says she “wasn’t tempted at all”. At this point, she doesn’t feel like she’ll be ready for the event at a level that will allow her to compete for the podium, yet she can still be involved with PQ none the less.

It’s great to see Danelle still taking an active role in the sport, and she continues to be a source of inspiration. I still find it hard to believe that she managed to win a race in May when some early estimates didn’t even have her walking until six months after her accident at the earliest.

Kraig Becker

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