Body of Christine Boskoff Found!

Breaking news this morning on a mystery that has been with the climbing community for a number of months now. The body of Christine Boskoff has been found on Genyen Peak, not far from where her climbing partner, Charlie Fowler, was found dead last December.

You’ll recall that Christine and Charlie went missing last December while climbing in a remote region of Southern China. The pair were climbing on Genie Mountain or Genyen Peak where it appears that they fell to their death, possibly due to an avalanche. Their bodies were recovered at about 17,390 feet.

While this news is indeed sad, it’s also not unexpected. Perhaps finding Christine’s body will provide some closure to here family and allow them to begin the healing process. My thoughts are with her family once more, as I’m sure this has re-opened wounds, but the healing can begin at last.

Thanks to Renee over at Everest Is Our for sending this my way.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Yes, it sure can be. But most mountaineers understand and accept those risks. It’s all worth it, and not just for the summit, but for the whole process of the climb, and being in the mountains.

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