Five Weeks To Shisha Pangma For Alan Arnette!

I’ve mentioned Alan Arnette and his Road Back To Everest a number of times in recent months. Alan intends to return to Everest in the Spring of 2008, climbing to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease.

In preparation for his return to Everest, Alan has begun a series of climbs designed to prepare him for the challenge of summitting the highest mountain on Earth. He kicked off that preparation last month with a climb on Denali, but was forced back at 17,000 feet when he became extremely ill. His next climb won’t be any easier either, as he intends to summit Shisha Pangma in October. In just five weeks Alan will leave for Kathmandu and begin the long, arduous climb up the 14th tallest peak in the World.

Since returning from Denali however, Alan hasn’t been relaxing on his laurels. He’s topped out on six 14,000 foot mountains in his home state of Colorado, and in the month since his return home, he’s had time to reflect on the lessons of Denali.

When Alan became sick on the mountain, it wasn’t due to food poisoning or altitude, which has been a bit perplexing for this very experienced climber. But he’s feeling strong, and looking forward to getting back on his Road Back To Everest.

If you would like to donate to Alan’s cause and show your support for his efforts click here.

Kraig Becker

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