GII Avalanche Update: has posted an update on the avalanche on GII that buried several members of the Amical Team yesterday. Five people were struck by avalanche, four were buried and had to be rescued, and one of the climbers perished on the mountain.

Today comes word that one of the survivors is Japanese climber Hirotaka Takeuchi, who sent a message home to friends and family that he had survived. He was rescued on the mountain and helped down to BC where he was being treated for unspecified injuries.

Hiro said that the team was moving up to C3 when they were hit be the wave of snow. The avalanche carried them 300 meters down the mountain and swept them into the seracs, leaving them buried. He also confirms that one of the team members died, and that one is still missing. As of now, no other names have been released. The injured members of the team are expected to be airlifted to Skardu today to receive further treatment.

It should be noted that other teams on GII played a pivotal roll in rescuing the members of the Amical team and getting them off the mountain in one piece. They sprung into action as soon as they saw the team was in trouble and tirelessly and selflessly went to work getting them out of the snow. They should all be commended for their efforts.

Kraig Becker

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