Introducing The EarthRoamer XV-JP

Check out this new go anywhere SUV dubbed the EarthRoamer XV-JP. It’s a heavily modified Jeep Rubicon designed for extended expeditions into remote areas. Well, at least remote areas that you can drive to.

The vehicle features an “XV-JP Loftop”, which is a sleeping area which pops out of the top of the truck, and comes equipped with a furnace to keep you warm and an electric fan to cool you down. You’ll also find an 80 watt solar-panel to power the refrigerator, and an on board 25 gallon filtered water tank.

A 10 gallon “gray” water tank, outside hot and cold showers (Cold for the nights your significant other won’t let you in the Loftop!) and a 4.5 gallon inside toilet. Oh, and lets not forget the Queen Size bed!

Before you rush out to buy one of these babies however, you should know that it’ll set you back between $200k and $230k. All of that money will help you enjoy the outdoors more, or so the marketing information would have you believe. Not exactly what I would call roughing it though.

Thanks to The Piton for this one.

Update: Always astute reader Carl has pointed out that the XV-JP costs only $100k. When I was checking out the pricing I inadvertently clicked on the larger, more expensive XV-LT model. So anyone who was considering the XV-JP model at the price I was quoting earlier, good news! Now you can afford two!


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  1. People always want the experience without the effort. Even though you can get to remote areas in vehicles it still doesn’t have the same feel as hiking for a few days and knowing you can’t bail if you get cold or tired. You also don’t get the same sense of accomplishment or appreciate your surroundings without putting in the effort.

  2. Well said Rob. Totally agree with you. Some people are all about the destination and others enjoy the journey. I’m kind of a journey guy myself.

  3. Vehicles like this aren’t meant for weekend getaways. These are expedition vehicles used as support vehicles for motorized adventure races such as The Long Way Round, The Dakar Rally, etc. They are also used for extreme long distance travel and in remote areas where relying on human power alone is not practical.

    Get one of these vehicles and drive from Alaska to Argentina, London to South Africa, or London to Mongolia.

    You would no doubt find it would not only be a tremendous experience, but would also take a great deal of effort to successfully complete one of these adventures.

  4. Good point Carl. When I was looking at the specs on this thing I was reminded of the Safari vehicles we had which weren’t quite a swanky, and didn’t have all of the perks of this one, but were similar in some regards.

    I think the marketing of it irks me a bit. But it does look like a very capable vehicle for long distance road exploration.

  5. Think I will stick with my tent and save $229,960 << Am sure I could find something more useful to do with the cash...Bear Spray, Climbing Boots...Four trips to the top of Mt. Everest...the uses are endless.. Kind of cool someone made this though for all 4 of the rich campers out their though..

  6. LOL! Yeah, it’s a bit steep for my meager salary as well, but like Carl pointed out, there are some good uses for a vehicle like this.

    Long distance journeys over rugged terrane are perfect ways to use this. They’re certainly not for everyone, and there are clearly places they can’t go, but they would be nice for use in the right circumstances.

  7. Correction, apparently the Earthroamer XV-JP starts at around $100,000 and not the $200,000 originally quoted. Still steep, but half as much as was originally reported.

    A Jeep Rubicon goes for around $30k and then the modifications by Earthroamer make up the rest.

  8. Hmm… a little more affordable then. I got the price off of their pricing guide, but looks like I clicked on the XV-LT and not the XV-JP.

  9. It would probably be the perfect vehicle to attempt a speed record on the Pan American Highway if you have a month to kill and $100k+ travel expenses just burning a hole in your pocket.

    I do believe write Tim Cahill and Garry Sowerby hold the current record at just under 24 days south to north from Tierra del Fuego to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

    Do the math. 29,800 miles in 24 days. You won’t be stopping to smell the roses on this trip.

  10. That wold be an awesome trip, and you’re right, this is perfect for something like that. Can I be your co-pilot?

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