Italian Climber Stefano Zavka Missing On K2!

Stefano Zavka Missing: has posted a weekend update with the news that Sefano Zavka is missing on K2. The Italian climber summitted the mountain on Friday, and descended in bad weather, but hasn’t been seen or heard from since. He was climbing on the Abruzzi Route, and was last seen above the Bottleneck.

Stefano’s family has sent out word to the other teams on K2 to check C4 when they get the chance. The hope is that he is stuck at C4 due and doesn’t have a radio to call in with, which is a very plausible scenario.

On Friday evening Stefano was approaching camp, but couldn’t find it in the poor weather. He radioed ahead to have a teammate light a lamp in the tent so he could find his way. It is believed that he made it to the tent, and could still be inside.

The rest of Stefano’s team are all down safely at BC. Let’s hope that Stefano will still join them.

Kraig Becker

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