Italians Open New Route on GII!

Yet another update from today, this time though the focus moves from K2 over to the Gasherbrums, where the Italians have opened a new route, becoming the first team to summit via the North Face.

The team has climbed alpine style for the past three days to make it to the top. They followed the North Spur, improvising as they went, and as of 8 PM local time, they became the first team to complete a route on the North Face. Karl Unterkircher and Daniele Bernasconi were the first two to reach the summit, and their teammate Michele Compagnoni was still making his way up when the report was filed. We haven’t received confirmation yet if he managed to summit or not.

Meanwhile, the Spanish Team on GII is attempting the Eastern side of the same face, and are currently at C2 at 6600m. If all goes well they may make a dash at the summit this weekend or early next week.

Kraig Becker

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