K2 Summit Bids Begin Tonight!

K2Climb.net is reporting that teams are hoping to make their summit bids tonight on K2. Several teams spent the last few days making their way up to Camp 3 and 4 with an eye on going up today. However, the latest weather reports say that it is foggy and snowy above C3, which could make things difficult. The plan is for the teams in C4 to being their climb at 10 PM local time tonight.

Highlights of the teams making their bids include Gerlinde and Ralf joining forces with American and Italian climbers for a joint summit bid. The teams have moved up both the Abruzzi Spur and the Cesen Route in order to combine their efforts. Gerlinde and Ralf have already topped out on Broad Peak this seasons as well. Austrian Gerfried Goeschl is amongst the climbers on this All-Star team and he has recently summitted BP too.

Hopefully the weather window will open tonight, and the teams will have a clear shot to the summit. K2 can have some notoriously bad weather conditions and even experienced climbers are ill advised to go up that mountain in poor weather. WIth any luck though, we’ll be hearing reports tomorrow about another round of successful summits.

Kraig Becker

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